Knee Pain 101

CNN interviews an orthopedic surgeon at Emory: Mild injury as a child leads to chronic changes as we get older:

Myeloma Patients Have New Hope Thanks to New Treatments - WSJ video

Medical scientists have made major advances in treating different types of cancer in the past decade, but perhaps none more so than the blood cancer known as myeloma. WSJ's Ron Winslow explains on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero:

"Here we are with all the time in the world"

"Here we are with all the time in the world" is my favorite song from the last Deep Purple album. The band apparently applies the same principle to recording their new album. More info here: Deep Purple Plan January Sessions for New Album

Deep Purple – All The Time In The World Lyrics

There's still a long way to go
And the nights are closing in
But if I'd travelled any faster babe
Lord knows where I might have been

Right from those early days
I put my faith in the axle not the wheels
Like old Zeno's toytus
with Achilles snapping at my heels

Don't worry
There's no hurry
Here we are
With all the time in the world

I could have been a high-flying dealer
But I have no desire for speed
I could have been a wild receiver
But I've got everything I need

And so I watch the world
Go racing by tearing up the street
I lay back in the long grass
Take it easy and rest my feet

Don't worry
You know, there's no hurry
Here we are
With all the time in the world

No-one ever held me back
You know that no-one ever put me in chains
No-one ever saw me racing ahead
No-one had to tug on my reins

As everybody knows
I may be slow but I never quit
Sometimes on a good day I sit and think
Sometimes I just sit

Don't worry
Relax, there's no hurry
Here we are
With all the time in the world


All The Time In The World lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Want to improve your health? Go to bed 1 hour earlier

Resolution Solutions: Dr Roizen suggests 4 simple resolutions that can leave you feeling younger, healthier, and more energetic in the new year:

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